Just Yoga




If I had a penny for every time someone asked me after class 'What type of yoga was that?' I'd be able to buy all the green tea in China! I tried to put a suitable label on it many times, these days I call it Just Yoga because that's simply what it is. It's Just Yoga. The word Yoga is a sanskrit word said to derive from the literal meaning to yolk together. To integrate body, mind and dare I say it ...soul.


In our hectic lives we all need a little bit of calm and serenity. My classes encourage you to find and ride your own life's bliss wave. I'm a natural born bliss seeker and it shows. I didn't always know how to surf life's waves in this fashion, Yoga taught me. Before we can experience this utopia in our lives it is very important we have an understanding of ourselves and the world around us. This is where the Chakras help. One way to understand the Chakras is this, they are 7 stages of evolution of the human personality. Survival, pleasure, power, love, truth and spirit. They also give us a sacred blueprint to understand the architecture of our bodies, mind and spirits. Being a busy Londoner can take it's toll on all 3! Yoga gives us our natural integration back. Also the balance we long for to experience the harmony in our home the body and our extended home the planet.