Just You Yoga

Practicing in a group is a great way to learn, gain motivation and feel a sense of community. If you have specific needs or want a deeper understanding of it all Just You 121's are going to be right up your street. Tailor made classes get you where you want to be. Whether you want more physical, mental or spiritual balance, I can be your guide. I have practiced many forms of Yoga and teach different disiplines, Hatha, Astanga and Vinyasa. Whatever's your favouite style or personal goal I'll do my best to help you get your bliss on.


Drop out, tune in, Bliss out

Bliss is believed to be our natural state. But lets face it some times modern life can be more bliss flop than bliss flow. Yoga reprograms your nervous system into a rest and digest state instead of the ubitquitous flight or fight and once you regulary experience this shift you become more able to stay there if you so choose. In all of my Yoga classes I encourage this inner bliss to unfold through using Yoga philosophy, Chakra Yoga and kind, soothing words


Current Classes

0645 Ashtanga 8am Vinyasa @moreyoga_ Stokey 
12.15 Yoga st Paul's Fitness First

19.30 Candlelit flow (EastFinchley)

10am Power flow @fitnessflow ( to book)
18.45 Restorative flow @fitnessflow

09.45 Yoga
12.15 Vinyasa @moreyoga_ Aldgate
15.45 Oak tree school Southgate 

07.30 Ashtanga @moreyoga_ Camden
10.30 Restorative flow @fitnessflow N20 
19.30 Chakra flow @fitnessflow N20 

12.15 Yoga flow David Lloyd Finchley

09.30 Vinyasa @moreyoga_ Finsbury Park

10.30 Morning flow @moreyoga_
Finsbury Park
12.45 Candlelit chillout @fitnessflow N20


To book any of the studio classes go to their website. Links below.

I also teach small group classes classes in offices, schools and 

homes. If this is something you would like to start with a group of

friends or colleagues I'd love to help.

I also have space in my home if you would like a 121.

If you would like to try Zero Gravity/Aerial Yoga in my Yoga swing I

have one set up in our meditation room.

Give me a call on 07500 444 558 or email (y for Yoga)